Summer migrants arriving

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In the last few days I’ve noticed that several of our summer migratory bird species have begun arriving. Three days ago I heard the first Shining Bronze-cuckoo (right) in the forest near our house (Boho South) and two days ago, whilst at a Friends of Bridge to Bridge working bee at Smiths Bridge, Strathbogie, we heard a Fan-tailed Cuckoo (below) calling mournfully in the distance. And Black-faced Cuckoo-shrikes are in the Red Gums around Euroa – watch out for their arrival. Bert.

Photo: Tun Pin ONG
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One Response to Summer migrants arriving

  1. Anonymous says:

    And yesterday I heard a Fan-tailed Cuckoo in the forest at home (Boho South), so they seem to be moving through the area. Have also had several Flame Robins (male & female) hanging around for several weeks – first time this has happened for many years.

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