Mosses abound

This year, given the plentiful rain, we’ve seen some fabulous fungi (last autumn) and now the mosses are in full swing. Of the many that are likely to occur here, I’ve just begun to identify a few. The “?” shows my level of confidence! Here, (above), Thuidiopsis sparsa? and Racopilum cuspigerum var. convolutaceum? are co-dominant.

Here (above), fruiting capsules can be seen emerging from the moss-bed, but which species is the one fruiting?

Far from forming single species clumps, there are usually several species that are intertwined and overlapping in most moss-beds. Here (above), there are at least four species, including Thuidiopsis sparsa? and Polytrichum sp.

Racopilum cuspigerum var. convolutaceum?

This moss (R.cospigerum) forms mats, or open wefts on soil, rocks and logs in forests and woodlands, often in dry areas that are intermittently wet.

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