‘Herbivore Heaven’

Herb-rich Foothill Forest is herbivore heaven. Its easy to get around and pretty easy to dig a hole to live in, if you need to. The ground layer usually provides a plentiful food source and more often than not, there’s a nice tasty paddock not far away. And because predation pressure generally is relatively low, this all leads to substantial grazing and browsing pressure. If you’re tasty and conspicuous, you get eaten. At many ‘over-grazed’ sites, this has led to the selective loss of palatable and/or slow growing herbs. Many grasses, on the other hand, thrive in these conditions because they have a tough, nibble-resistant base which allows them to regenerate quickly.

This forest supports high densities of herbivores: Swamp Wallabies, Wombats, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Rabbits and, in more and more areas, deer (Sambar, Red and Fallow). 
Austral Bears Ear, Weeping Grass, Stinking Pennywort, Kidney-weed, Large Tussock Grass, mosses & leaf litter – very little bare earth.
 A typical patch of ground layer vegetation in Herb-rich Foothill Forest at Boho South. The productivity of this plant community is often at its greatest in moist areas under Silver Wattles (Acacia dealbata).
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