Please….just slow down!

Ankers Rd, just north of Creek Junction Rd, Strathbogie.
Echidnas don’t move very fast, they don’t come belting out of the bush like wombats, or change course suddenly like wallabies and kangaroos. I don’t understand why so many get hit by cars. Some folk must be blind! or driving a little too fast.
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One Response to Please….just slow down!

  1. Anonymous says:

    A few weeks ago I received a help call – our postie on her early morning round had found 4 (yes 4!) echidnas that had been hit on the Upper Boho Road pre 7am. I went to check and found the 4 injured animals had partly buried themselves right on the sides of the road. Phone call to Bert – he recommended just monitoring the situation. I put up some yellow flagging tape round the 3 closest to the road. By next morning the 4had moved on. Hopefully they survived. By the look of the tyre tracks left on the gravel road, the driver who hit them was travelling fast and did try to brake, so perhaps they weren’t too badly injured. We imagine it was 3 males following a female. But I have to agree with Bert, some people are blind to smaller wildlife, there was a good 100 metre straight stretch before the 4 echidnas. Terry

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