More signs of Spring

unidentified Snout Moth

With the occasional warmer nights, we’re being visited by more and more different types of moth. If you think the variety of butterflies makes identification tricky, steer well-clear of moths. Victoria has well in excess of 2000 species of moth; whilst many are tiny and near impossible for the lay-person to identify, quite a number are big enough to make identification at least possible without a hand lens. Although even that is a challenge; although there are some books out there, there are no comprehensive field guides.


Alternate Footman

?Tigrioides alterna

Here are some ‘porch-light’ species from the last week.

I’ve just bought Parts 1 & 2 of Moths of

Victoria, by Peter Marriott and published by the Entomological Society of Victoria.


And isn’t he gorgeous! This is the second male Crimson Tiger Moth I’ve seen in the last two weeks and before I started looking, I’d never noticed them. While many moths are drab, some, like the tiger moths, can have the most ornate wing colouration and patterns.

Male? Crimson Tiger Moth

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