Redeyes are breeding & Atlas of Living Australia

Today was the first day this season that the cicadas had a red-hot go. I haven’t seen any yet, but what I’m hearing may well be the Redeye Cicada (Psaltoda moerens) that was active around Christmas last year. This species occurs across a large part of SE Australia, from SE Qld to South Australia and Tasmania.

You can find out more about Redeyes and lots of other natural history information on a newly launched website, the Atlas of Living Australia. Its an Australian Government initiative promoting the sharing of biodiversity information. So, read a bit about Redeye Cicadas on Atlas of Living Australia. I found this ALA info by ‘Exploring’ the ‘Region’ I live in (Strathbogie Local Government Area) and then selecting arthropods, which includes insects like Cicadas. The site was launched in October (2010) and is a work in progress – certainly worth a good look.

For more general information visit Redeyes on Wikipedia.

The other common cicada up here is the larger Greengrocer/Masked Bandit, but its usually active a bit later.

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3 Responses to Redeyes are breeding & Atlas of Living Australia

  1. Denis Wilson says:

    Donald Hobern is a keen recorder of insects which visit his “night light”.

    Abantiades hyalinatus

    He runs the “Atlas of Living Australia” in his office hours.
    I agree it is good stuff.

  2. bert says:

    I visit Donald Hobern’s flickr pages pretty regularly, hoping for an easy ID for some of the moths and other insects I find. Interesting that he’s also involved in the ALA. I hope the issues between the ALA and the State fauna atlases is resolved quickly and successfully, so that info can be available through the ALA. Thanks for the info Denis.

  3. Hi Bert,

    Redeye would probably the most audibly conspicuous cicada in your part of the world. The female that you have in the photographs here looks like a Clicking Ambertail (see



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