Over-wintering Wattlebirds

Some shots of one of our resident, over-wintering Red Wattlebirds, cleaning up the last bits of a persimmon that a Pied Currawong left behind, on a cold, rainy Winter’s day.

Though they are ‘honeyeaters’ and feed mainly on nectar, a big, strong beak allows Red Wattlebirds to open soft fruit and lick out the sweet flesh, especially over-ripe persimmons! They love ’em, as do the currawongs.

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Each Spring and Summer large, mixed flocks of migrants birds arrive from the inland and the north, to send time in the Strathbogies. At these times we have huge influxes of birds like Noisy Friar-birds, Olive-backed Orioles, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters and Red Wattlebirds and the forests are full of their loud calls. Some of these bird species depart the Tableland completely during Winter, and most Red Wattlebirds do leave, but there are always a few that stay. Perhaps human plantings of soft fruit (like persimmons) encourage them.

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