A Welcome family sharing our house

There are always Welcome Swallows around our house- they live here, just as we do. This year the adults have been busily raising a family of four and the little birds have all just fledged. And they’re eating all the time, swooping and hawking, tight turns left and right, up and down.

The four fledglings all left the nest about the same time and took up position on the timber pergola frame, waiting for Mum & Dad to come feed them. Though the young can already fly quite well, they prefer to perch, which makes sense if you want to put as much energy as possible into growing up quickly. And they still have a way to go before they look like adults.

If one swallow catches (could have said swallows) 2 flying insects per minute, for 5 hours per day, each day of the year … its a big number. That swallow could be catching several hundred thousand mozzies and flies each year! And that’s just one swallow!

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One Response to A Welcome family sharing our house

  1. Terry says:

    beautiful babies….!

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