November 2011 Rambling

Tiger Orchid (Diuris sulphurea)

Tiger Orchid (Diuris sulphurea)

Our forest isn’t renowned for its orchid displays. Most are subtle, cryptic species like Bird and Helmet Orchids, but this year I again found about 8 plants of the Tiger Orchid (Diuris ?sulphurea) in a patch of drier, open forest! I was very happy to see these beautiful blooms. They’re by no means rare, but are more common in  drier, or rocky areas eg Honeysuckle Track.

The Silver Wattle in the understory is under constant attack from a variety of herbivores – a few insect photos below.

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2 Responses to November 2011 Rambling

  1. Denis Wilson says:

    Very nice post. We are getting similar flowers and insects here, now.

  2. Hi Denis- yes, just looking through your Mt Rae pics there are plenty of similarities with some of our veg way down here in Vic. Linking to a picassa album is something that I’ve toyed with also, but not yet taken the plunge.

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