Moths – early Feb., 2013.


Hednota relatalis (ID P. Marriott)

Early February has been a relatively busy mothing time, despite the weather still being extremely dry. Along with a few species that I’m becoming familiar with, there were some surprises too. In total, about 41 species of moth visited the sheet in the first two weeks of Feb. 2013.

As well as numerous very small kinds, there were a few larger moths, which are always a pleasure to see (partly as they’re  more easily identified!). Genduara punctigera, which visited the sheet on two nights, is a particularly beautiful moth (ID P. Marriott).

F LasiocampidaeGenduara punctigera

Fam Lasiocampidae Genduara punctigera

The photo specimens of all the different kinds of moth that I recoded in early Feb 2013 can be viewed in the gallery, below. The weave on the sheet is ca. 1 mm. I’ve been able to ID some species, and will keep trying on the others; if you can help feel free to leave comments.

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