Moths – late Feb. 2013

Pale Phrataria (Phrataria replicataria)

The beautiful Pale Phrataria (Phrataria replicataria)

About 37 different kinds of moths were recorded in the second-half of Feb., 2013. They’re presented here in no particular order.

Having been watching the same moth sheet for several nights per week, over the last few months, I’m amazed at the species diversity just in our backyard.

True, the bush isn’t far away, but I do wonder what I’d find if I spent the same effort on mothing in Herb-rich Foothill Forest proper, as I do from the convenience of the lounge room. Most species depicted in this post have been recorded here before, but several are first-timers. For ID, I rely heavily on Peter Marriot’s ‘Moths of Victoria’, along with trawling the pics on Donald Hobern’s moth photostream and the Nature of Gippsland photogalleries, but as is common in these mothing posts, most species remain nameless.

One of the highlights were visits to the sheet by Swift Moths (Abantiades labyrinthicus), a large exquisitely marked moth. On the other hand, I’m still very confused about the difference between moths from the Anthela acuta and A. repleta groups.

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