Moths Early March 2013

Zonopetala quadripustulella Oecophoridae, Oecophorinae (ID P. Marriott)

Zonopetala quadripustulella (ID P. Marriott)

My home mothing activities have become a quasi-seasonal survey of the moth fauna in this mixed habitat: part Herb-rich Foothill Forest (EVC 23), part exotic vegetable, fruit and ornamental garden.

The first half of March 2013 saw about 39 types of moth come to the light, similar to late February, and several of these were new types for the site and me. The ‘carpets’ and ‘waves’, Fam. Geometridae  (up-front in the gallery) with patterns that resemble, well, carpets and waves, often with flecked patters, are a confronting lot. I’ve managed to name a few, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day!Of course, there were also plenty of other question mark species, beyond the Geometridae; for example the cover image, seen here for the first time; striking and beautiful! Anyway, rather than procrastinate any more, I’ll just post all this and update later. Comments & corrections welcome.

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