January 2014 moths


A female Four-spotted Cup Moth, Doratifera quadriguttata.

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s now a little over 12 months since I started the monthly documentation of moths that come to my moth-light on the veranda of our house, here at Boho South in north-east Victoria. When I started, I had absolutely no idea how addictive and engaging this amateur survey would be, nor how time-consuming (though I’m not complaining). This month, Jan. 2014, upwards of 50 species of moth were recorded at the light, including a male and female of the Four-spotted Cup Moth (left), some large moths, like the Coprosma Hawk Moth and a Ghost Moth, along with the many small moths that I often struggle to get clear pictures of. Thanks to Peter Marriott for reviewing the images and supplying many of the ID’s.

Fams. Anthelidae, Hepialidae, Sphingidae:

Super Fam. Geometroidea:

Super Fam. Noctuoidea:

Small moths, various Families:

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