Millipedes, centipedes, others


3 Responses to Millipedes, centipedes, others

  1. garry smith says:

    i live in serpentine western aust what is the best way or method of exterminating these millipedes they are in plauge proportions

  2. Hi Garry, I suspect extermination isn’t an option – they are much too well-adapted! Some folk use insecticides and poisons, but it’s probably only a short-term option and I’m not sure of the long-term impact. They are attracted to light and traps that exploit this are marketed online, but I haven’t tried them. During autumn, at night, Portuguese Millipedes are the most common animals in our home garden, by at least an order of magnitude. Bert.

  3. Mary says:

    Hi, I agree. Using normal pesticides to eradicate these (now pests) does not work. At present, I have around 10 different sized centipedes inside my front door and just as many at my back door although they are not coming inside. One theory I have is that they like carpet better than concrete. Originally I thought that I were bringing them in i.e. having some attached to the side of my shoes but I never see any outside. Also, a family member living in a different house but in the same town is also experiencing this pest.
    So what is the solution

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