Fancy a bit of crumpet?


Seriously, though it looks a bit like a crumpet, I can’t find this fungus in any of my ID guides. Here are two more images.

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New studio-workshop progressing

And now for a story that has little to do with natural history. Earlier this year we started building a serious workshop and studio in our south paddock. Here’s some of the progress, in pictures.

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Flames in the forest

Gorgeous, pretty flames. At this time of year we have a number of Flame Robins on the property, but mainly in the open country. It’s usual to see them on fences and in open spaces, so I was a little surprised that this pair was happily hanging out inside the forest. Of course, as is evident from the pics, this part of the forest has a very open understorey and ground-layer and there are plenty of perches from which to survey for the next snack.

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The snaps don’t really do the bird justice, but the flame-red of the males is striking and immediately recognisabe.

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Moths of Feb. 2014

Such a common moth, yet exquisite beauty.

The exquisite beauty of a small, common moth.

Its August and I’m only just posting moths of February! Still, there are some lovely specimens here and a few new species for the property. I have put in multiples of some species/specimens to illustrate variability. I’ll fill in more names when I get the chance. Continue reading

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Snow at Boho South, early August 2014

For the first time in several years, we’ve had a dusting of snow this winter. The last time was in October 2010.

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January 2014 moths


A female Four-spotted Cup Moth, Doratifera quadriguttata.

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s now a little over 12 months since I started the monthly documentation of moths that come to my moth-light on the veranda of our house, here at Boho South in north-east Victoria. When I started, I had absolutely no idea how addictive and engaging this amateur survey would be, nor how time-consuming (though I’m not complaining). This month, Jan. 2014, upwards of 50 species of moth were recorded at the light, including a male and female of the Four-spotted Cup Moth (left), some large moths, like the Coprosma Hawk Moth and a Ghost Moth, along with the many small moths that I often struggle to get clear pictures of. Thanks to Peter Marriott for reviewing the images and supplying many of the ID’s.

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December 2013 Moths

Bag-shelter Moth, or Processionary Caterpillar, Ochrogaster lunifer

Bag-shelter Moth, or Processionary Caterpillar, Ochrogaster lunifer

About 40 species of moth found the light in December 2013. Many of these were regulars, but several, like the Bag-shelter Moth aka Processionary Moth, were rare or unusual visitors. Happy to receive any feedback re the specimens I’ve named and the ones I haven’t.

It’s now a full year since I started documenting the different moth species attracted to the fluorescent light on our verandah. Twelve months and countless species later (I’ll count them someday), I feel humbled by the diversity and sheer beauty of these ubiquitous, yet still poorly understood creatures. Continue reading

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