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April 2017

Having not posted for a while, I’m filling in with pics of the forest and other goings-on from 2017.     Advertisements

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A memorable day – whipbirds, swallowtails, doves and beetles

Whoa, 12 months since the last post! Anyway, the events of yesterday are worth recording. First, a call distinctly like a whipbird, though likely just seriously good mimicry by a Golden Whistler, came to my attention mid-morning. After all, there … Continue reading

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November’s offering to the light (2013)

Over 40 species of moth graced the light during November 2013, including several new species like the stunning Iropoca Moth, at left. Most species were from the Family Geometroidea, the waves, carpets, emeralds and allies. Though slowly becoming familiar with … Continue reading

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Moths of October 2013

This month over 30 species came to the light on the front verandah. Most species had been recorded before, though I hadn’t necessarily been able to name to them all. Let’s see how we go this time. We had quite … Continue reading

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Ground-dwellers; easily over-looked.

The wet, yet mild weather of late Winter-Spring got the forest-floor fungi into reproductive mode in a hurray. there were many different types pushing up fruiting bodies, including some slime-molds that were well beyond my ability to identify. Jelly fungus … Continue reading

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It’s all in the detail, the beautiful detail!

The availability of affordable macro-photography has revolutionized appreciation of the beauty and complexity of insects and other small life-forms. Though I’d love to take better shots, my $450 camera, out of the box, has opened up a whole new world … Continue reading

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A good response to winter rain.

Though April and May were quite dry (50 mm total) June and now July have seen good rainfall, similar to the long-term averages (230 mm so far). So, the soil and leaf litter is moist, providing ideal conditions for digging … Continue reading

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