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A memorable day – whipbirds, swallowtails, doves and beetles

Whoa, 12 months since the last post! Anyway, the events of yesterday are worth recording. First, a call distinctly like a whipbird, though likely just seriously good mimicry by a Golden Whistler, came to my attention mid-morning. After all, there … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve visitors

Some gate-crashers arrived on NYE – a motley bunch, but colourful. It’s always a pleasure to see the Golden Stag Beetle. A preying mantis at the light didn’t seem to bother the local moths, who seemed happy to land on the big … Continue reading

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How the mighty fall

Though our forest contains lots of trees, really big, old trees are few in number. Without these big trees, generally Manna Gums and Blue Gums (E. viminalis and E. bicostata, respectively), the forest couldn’t support the Greater Glider families (Petauroides volans) … Continue reading

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Fancy a bit of crumpet?

Seriously, though it looks a bit like a crumpet, I can’t find this fungus in any of my ID guides. Here are two more images.

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New studio-workshop progressing

And now for a story that has little to do with natural history. Earlier this year we started building a serious workshop and studio in our south paddock. Here’s some of the progress, in pictures.

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Flames in the forest

Gorgeous, pretty flames. At this time of year we have a number of Flame Robins on the property, but mainly in the open country. It’s usual to see them on fences and in open spaces, so I was a little … Continue reading

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Moths of Feb. 2014

Its August and I’m only just posting moths of February! Still, there are some lovely specimens here and a few new species for the property. I have put in multiples of some species/specimens to illustrate variability. I’ll fill in more … Continue reading

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