New studio-workshop progressing

And now for a story that has little to do with natural history. Earlier this year we started building a serious workshop and studio in our south paddock. Here’s some of the progress, in pictures.

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Flames in the forest

Gorgeous, pretty flames. At this time of year we have a number of Flame Robins on the property, but mainly in the open country. It’s usual to see them on fences and in open spaces, so I was a little surprised that this pair was happily hanging out inside the forest. Of course, as is evident from the pics, this part of the forest has a very open understorey and ground-layer and there are plenty of perches from which to survey for the next snack.

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The snaps don’t really do the bird justice, but the flame-red of the males is striking and immediately recognisabe.

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Moths of Feb. 2014

Such a common moth, yet exquisite beauty.

The exquisite beauty of a small, common moth.

Its August and I’m only just posting moths of February! Still, there are some lovely specimens here and a few new species for the property. I have put in multiples of some species/specimens to illustrate variability. I’ll fill in more names when I get the chance. Continue reading

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Snow at Boho South, early August 2014

For the first time in several years, we’ve had a dusting of snow this winter. The last time was in October 2010.

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January 2014 moths


A female Four-spotted Cup Moth, Doratifera quadriguttata.

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s now a little over 12 months since I started the monthly documentation of moths that come to my moth-light on the veranda of our house, here at Boho South in north-east Victoria. When I started, I had absolutely no idea how addictive and engaging this amateur survey would be, nor how time-consuming (though I’m not complaining). This month, Jan. 2014, upwards of 50 species of moth were recorded at the light, including a male and female of the Four-spotted Cup Moth (left), some large moths, like the Coprosma Hawk Moth and a Ghost Moth, along with the many small moths that I often struggle to get clear pictures of. Thanks to Peter Marriott for reviewing the images and supplying many of the ID’s.

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December 2013 Moths

Bag-shelter Moth, or Processionary Caterpillar, Ochrogaster lunifer

Bag-shelter Moth, or Processionary Caterpillar, Ochrogaster lunifer

About 40 species of moth found the light in December 2013. Many of these were regulars, but several, like the Bag-shelter Moth aka Processionary Moth, were rare or unusual visitors. Happy to receive any feedback re the specimens I’ve named and the ones I haven’t.

It’s now a full year since I started documenting the different moth species attracted to the fluorescent light on our verandah. Twelve months and countless species later (I’ll count them someday), I feel humbled by the diversity and sheer beauty of these ubiquitous, yet still poorly understood creatures. Continue reading

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November’s offering to the light (2013)

Iropoca Moth (Iropoca rotundata), Fam.  Lymantridae.

Iropoca Moth (Iropoca rotundata), Fam.

Over 40 species of moth graced the light during November 2013, including several new species like the stunning Iropoca Moth, at left. Most species were from the Family Geometroidea, the waves, carpets, emeralds and allies.

Though slowly becoming familiar with some of the moth Families and Sub-families, I’m still very easily bamboozled, in spite of Peter Marriott’s brilliant little series Moths of Victoria. Continue reading

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