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New Year’s Eve visitors

Some gate-crashers arrived on NYE – a motley bunch, but colourful. It’s always a pleasure to see the Golden Stag Beetle. A preying mantis at the light didn’t seem to bother the local moths, who seemed happy to land on the big … Continue reading

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It’s all in the detail, the beautiful detail!

The availability of affordable macro-photography has revolutionized appreciation of the beauty and complexity of insects and other small life-forms. Though I’d love to take better shots, my $450 camera, out of the box, has opened up a whole new world … Continue reading

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Insects pollinating carrot flowers

With the vegetable garden surrounded by native bush, there are usually interesting insects visiting flowers. These images show a selection of insects visiting and pollinating carrot flowers on a cool day in December 2010. There were other insects, but the … Continue reading

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Beetles & Backswimmers

By far the most commonly seen beetle at the moment is this fellow (right). I don’t know much about it yet, not even a name, but its in such large numbers that it must be having an important local impact. … Continue reading

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